Capabilities ...


Securing Critical Information Assets ■ Evaluating and Managing Organizational Risk  ■ Evaluating and Implementing Security Controls

■ Governance and Policy Development  ■ OWASP Tools and Technologies

■ Cross-Functional Collaboration  ■ ISO 27001, ISO 27002, COBIT 5

■ CVE | CVSS Standard and Application ■ Information Security Metrics

■  NIST 800 Framework  ■ PCI-DSS  ■ HIPPA Compliance ■Gap Analysis



Over 20 Years of Experience ...

Applying business principles and information technologies to the development and implementation of products and services, infrastructure and security, for business and enterprise organizations. With an expertise in the management of information security and governance, Erickson Consulting is committed to the delivery of security solutions that enhance - • Strategic alignment • Risk management • Value delivery • Resource management • Performance measurement • Assurance process integration Each of these is a critical component to an effective information security program and assuring these within your organization is our primary goal and mission. We work everyday to understand the evolving threats to your critical information, and to implementing the appropriate controls to mitigate these threats. In a constantly changing risk landscape, it is essential that you understand the risks to your information assets and we work hard to make sure that you do.

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